What do we do

Hello, everyone

My name is Koi. I’m a Artisan Artist and owner this shop. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I worked with using my imagination and artistic skills. I was interested and wanted to create ornament skull. I’m fascinated the skull and think it is beautiful. I have been inspired by the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, Sugar skull art and Cute monster.

” I worked about these product almost my whole life. with real love. I sculpt it. I painted it. “

100% Handmade, exquisite

* This is a super dry soft clay made with environmental-friendly and non-toxic materials.

If you like products that are differentiated creatively. All through the story and love in full detail. We want you to try to buy from us. You will get the novelty, the beauty and the ultimate intentions of me.

I do it myself every step. From the purchase of raw materials, molding, painting and decorating it. I created it with love in art. And I desire that those who buy it to feel good. Hope you love it!

Koi ClaySkulls