A story

"I worked about these products almost my whole life.
with real love. I sculpt it. I painted it."

Hi! I am Koi, I am living in Bangkok, Thailand. I love painting, sculpt, embroidery, craft. I design and making hand painted bag, home décor,  jewelry in shape of a skull art, cute monster with Thai clay, polymer clay. paint and decorate with accessories.

In 2010, I started as an employee at a ceramic factory. In the artisan position. I produce a lot of products. I'm dedicated to working with passion.

In 2013, I have started selling at online store. But I do not know how to sell on website. I ask friend to help me with this. At that time, I sold 1 piece, I was very happy.

First Ordered 8:18am, Fri, Dec 6, 2013 form my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClaySkull

In 2016, I opened a shop name “ClaySkulls” at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time, I was excited and happy to be the owner of the little shop. I have met many foreign customers who like my work.

Most valuable customers

Finally, I’ve decided closed the shop in Chatuchak Market. Because I aim at online store